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  • Rough Sawn Cypress Beams
  • Rough Sawn Cypress Lumber #2 Grade
  • Rough Sawn Cypress Lumber Select Grade
We also offer Kiln Dried Products (10%-12%)


Our River Reclaimed Lumber is available kiln dried in thicknesses listed

5/4=1 ¼”
6/4=1 ½”

Other thicknesses such as the ones listed below are available in undried quantities

10/4=2 ½”

Sinker Cypress

Sinker Cypress Lumber comes from old growth cypress logs that were ax cut in the early 1800’s. The logs were lost during transportation and have been submerged in the rivers, bayous, creeks, and swamps of the southern regions of the United States. These logs are now retrieved and used for many historical restorations, timber frame homes and new construction.
Cypress has a very tight fine grain and when it is newly milled, it has a rich golden color. Cypress is naturally resistant to insects, pests and decay due to the natural oil present in the wood and is also very durable making it a great choice for construction use.

Pecky Sinker Cypress

Pecky Sinker Cypress is a unique grade of Sinker Cypress that is caused by a fungus. The fungus only grows while the tree is alive and forms tubular pockets inside the tree. These pockets give the cypress a rustic look that is preferred by interior designer and architects. Pecky Sinker Cypress is quite rare.

Curly Sinker Pine

Curly sinker Pine is another unique grade of sinker pine resulting from an abnormal growth, usually called a burl, that forms on the tree. This burl causes the grain to grow “curly” and gives the lumber a beautiful grain pattern that never fails to catch the eye.

Tidewater Cypress

Tidewater cypress is grown only in the deep Southeastern coastal swamps and along the Gulf of Mexico. Tidewater cypress is known for its durability because it creates an oil called cypressene. The oil that the cypress produces acts as natural preservative and makes the Tidewater cypress extremely resilient to rot, insects, and decay. Even when the lumber is left untreated, Tidewater Cypress will last for decades with minimal wear or warping.


Sinker Cypress is a great choice in flooring due its natural resistance to pests, and durability.
Our Sinker Cypress flooring come in widths from 2’/4” to 10”. We can provide random width sizes such as 3”, 5” and 7” to be alternated throughout the floor. Lengths provided are from 4’-16” in in random length projects or we can provide specific lengths such as all 12” lengths to stretch across the room with no seams.


Our tight grain Cypress can be used in many different ceiling applications such as

Tongue + Groove
Square Edge

Using are River Reclaimed woods are sure to add a defining factor to your home.


Our Sinker Cypress is great for exterior use due to it being naturally resistant to insects, pests and decay because of the natural oil present in the wood. It is also very durable and long lasting. It is typically used in 1 ¼” thick with 1/8 radius eased edge. Random widths 3”, 5” and 7”


Our River Recovered Cypress beams are available in sizes from 4x4 to 18x18. Our Saw mill can cut the old growth beams from 2” to 42” long. Our specialty is cutting long lengths
Here is we stand out with our service of surfacing and cutting to size the historic timbers for you residential or commercial project.


The patterns available for our custom molded cypress siding are listed below

Shiplap Siding
Tongue + Groove
Bevel Siding
Lap Siding
Board + Batten

As with any of our Historical Reclaimed woods we can customize the widths and lengths to your specification’s


Sinker Cypress Slabs are wide cut slabs cut from the oversized Sinker Logs. These wide, flat sections of Heartwood lumber come from large Cypress logs which makes them rare.
The slabs make wonderful focal points in your home or office and can be sued as tables, desks, and more.


Our Heart Cypress can be milled to S4S from 1x2 to 2x12. This material can be used in many interior trim applications. The term S4S means surfaced 4 sides or, smooth 4 sides.

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