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2,500 year old Cypress Log

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Virgin Cypress is located just miles from the white sandy shores of the Gulf of Mexico in the quaint town of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We are a second generation lumber company with a background in Distribution of Hardwood Lumber in the Southeast US and have been selling lumber all over the world since 1999. We have a vast lumber yard and mill working facility that’s all at one location. Which allows us to not only have a wide range of quality products but also be able to custom create things for any project. We have learned by having everything at one site we cut out the middle man and buy, produce and sell the highest quality lumber products at “mill-direct” prices directly to our customer base. Virgin Cypress specializes in an assortment of River Recovered Lumber which includes Sinker Cypress, Pecky Cypress, and more. We focus on River Reclaimed instead of reclaimed wood from old buildings. We due this because River Reclaimed wood gives us the ability to cut any size or shape without finding nail holes or damage to the lumber. We hand-pick the woods we sell and go all over the Southeast to recover and bring the finest quality historical lumber directly to you. Virgin Cypress has over three million dollars’ worth of cypress inventory more then anywhere else in the world. Our vast inventory allows you as a customer to have the best selection, lowest prices, and overall finest experience when working with us. We pride ourselves in delivering high quality Recovered lumber. By Virgin Cypress always supplying high quality lumber it allows you to choose recovered and helps us be environmentally friendly by recycling a resource that was harvested centuries ago. We deal with orders large and small at our facility. Every order is treated the same with the upmost care and precision to make sure that when it reaches you its exactly what you wanted with Virgin Cypress quality.

We ship directly to you anywhere in the United States. Minimum $500 for Orders.

If you would like to see the quality of lumber, we offer we can send you a sample package for a small shipping fee.
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Visit our Why Sinker? Page to learn more about the remarkable history of River Recovered Cypress

Selling Lumber
All Over the World
Since 1999

We are a first generation lumber company with a background in Distribution of Hardwood Lumber in the Southeast US.

We have now cut out the middleman and are offering Mill Direct Pricing to our customer base.

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