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We are your Direct Cypress Sawmill Source with the largest internet selection of Sinker Cypress available. Virgin Cypress is a specialty lumber company that markets, sells, produces, and specializes in River Recovered lumber which includes Sinker Cypress, Pecky Cypress, and more.

This old virgin Cypress had extremely tight growth rings which increases its stability and makes it extremely durable. These traits along with it being resistant to insects and pests make this recovered wood the premier choice for wood-workers, craftsmen, contractors, and builders Not only is our river reclaimed lumber antique quality but it is also eco-friendly.

Using reclaimed old growth virgin cypress helps preserve our forests by utilizing timbers that were harvested hundred’s of years ago from the virgin forests. We pride ourselves not only in being environmentally friendly but in bringing our customers the largest selection of recovered cypress which allows more diversity when choosing what works best for that project.

Virgin Cypress is also one of the Leading Architectural Millwork Suppliers. We offer Millwork on any of our products and specializes in flooring and ceiling planking, custom cut beams, tongue & groove, rafter tails, and moulding. We have a knife library that consists of over 5,000 moulding profiles. If we do not have the specific profile you are looking for we can custom grind a knife for your project. Virgin Cypress has the tools and lumber to craft anything for any project and to any specifications and our happy to do so.

Our headquarters are in Santa Rosa Beach, FL but we ship nationwide directly to you.

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What is Sinker Cypress Wood?

Cypress has a very fine grain and when it is newly milled, it has a rich golden color. Once planed the lumber has a range of color variation. Virgin Cypress takes paints, stains, varnishes and other treatments very well. Some people treat it with varnish to retain the natural color, others may opt to paint or stain the wood. It is also possible to leave the virgin sinker cypress untreated, in which case it will eventually take on a beautiful gray / silver patina. Cypress is naturally resistant to insects, pests and decay due to the natural oil present in the wood. It is also very durable making it a great choice for construction use. Virgin Cypress, Deadhead Cypress, River Recovered Cypress, Old Growth, and Heart Pine are all commonly used names when describing Sinker Cypress.

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